You will experience the unexpected phenomena and marvels of far-off lands, obscured through time and space. Banding together, Andrew and David Wood, Isaac Clarke, Oliver Hull and Woody Mellor interpret these landscapes through the distorted lenses of myth and fiction! 
Be led by Oliver as he traces the mythical location of Hyperborea through its legacy in the scientific taxonomy of the Arctic Circle’s flora. 

Watch as The Wood Bros. venture to a vast and desolate place that seems to claim more than can tame it; the famed, carnivorous Australian Desert! Its appetite insatiable; humans, animals and myths are its prey! 
Travel to the fiery planet of Mars with Isaac to find the familiar landscapes of your favourite Spaghetti Westerns - Bad Lands, Nevada.
Now, in a museum that no one has ever seen, one man must explore it alone and recount his sights and adventures… Listen as Olegas Truchanas - sole witness to the museum’s sublime grandeur - presents to you ‘An Audio Guide through the Hyperborean Weeds & Termite Mounds of Mars!’

Title graphics
Acrylic on paper
Audio Guide Through The Mercurial MoMEA
HD Recording
Audio Guide Through The Mercurial MoMEA
marble, surveyor's line, nails
An Audio Guide Through The Hyperborean Weeds & Termite Mounds of Mars (Exhibition Poster)
Digital Print
Original painting, distemper on board with additional graphics by Celeste Njoo.